Humberto Evans


Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Humberto Evans, I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Pantelligent – the worlds first intelligent frying pan. We use technology to let people cook healthy (most of the time), delicious food at home. Pantelligent, our first product is a frying pan with embedded temperature sensors that connects wirelessly to your smartphone. The Pantelligent app on your smartphone then uses that data to help you cook everything perfectly. Its like having a recipe book that also guides you through the cooking process like an experienced chef by your side would.

What forms of media have influenced you the most?

I have always loved cooking, and I am lucky enough to have also made that my business, so cook books and cooking TV shows certainly influence my cooking at home and by extension my work. My girlfriend and I love to take bits and pieces of recipes found online and in books and combine them into our own creations, many of which are now part of the Pantelligent app. I love how cooking sort of transcends different media. You can find food in books, documentaries, TV shows, and even YouTube channels! I can’t get enough of “My Drunk Kitchen”.

What hardware / software do you use?

Oh my, where to begin. Pantelligent, as is the case with most connected products, touches a little bit of everything. We have both an iOS and Android app which means I spend time in both Xcode and Android Studio, for the web stuff I edit in vim from the terminal. All of it running on my Macbook Pro. Other than that I spend the rest of my time in Gmail writing emails, and Asana and Hipchat to manage the team.

What would be your dream creative setup?

It really varies for me. I wouldn’t say there is a specific setting I prefer. For deep technical problems I work best with my headphones on at my desk, but for most other things like brainstorming copy or app design I think a group setting where ideas can bounce off teammates works best.

Co-Founder at Constructed By. Student at University of Wisconsin - Madison studying Business with a focus in Marketing and Accounting.