Andrée Ciccarelli


Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Andrée and I am the owner/designer for Andrée Ciccarelli, a lingerie company based in the heart of New York City. I, along with a very small team, create made to order lingerie that is founded upon using traditional couture techniques, in both patterning and sewing, and then mixing in modern materials and silhouettes! My goal is to create lingerie that will really fit our customers so they can be both comfortable and sensuous!

What forms of media have influenced you the most?

Books have always been extremely influential! A few years ago I decided to begin to put together a creative library for myself, full of books about my favorite artists, designers, museums and special exhibitions that I’ve visited! I also visit the New York Public Libraries Picture Collection all the time for inspiration. They have so much to offer! It’s not really a “media” but travel is one of the most influential things for me. I’m currently in Paris and my brain is swimming with new ideas, colors, textures, materials, you name it! I cannot wait to begin creating once I’m back in New York!

What hardware / software do you use?

I tend to do most of my work by hand. Sewing, cutting, embroidering, pinning, drawing and painting, etc! I do seem to be on Illustrator all the time (way more then I’d like!) and a little Photoshop and InDesign here and there as well!

What would be your dream creative setup?

I love working in light, open spaces full of windows! While this is tough in New York, we make it work. I also always, always work with music or NPR playing in the background and a latte and gummy bears within arms reach!

Founder of VNM USA an advertising agency focused on connecting brands and individuals to the millennial generation. Computer Science student at University of Wisconsin - Madison.