Giacomo Carmagnola


Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Giacomo Carmagnola, I live in Montebelluna (near Venice or Treviso ((Venice sounds more fashionable)), Italy. I am twenty-three years old and I’m a university student of communication and multimedia graphics.

What I do? I like to call my artworks as “glitch collages”. I try to recreate imaginary using a mix of patterns and more or less vintage photographs. I do not think that my artistic work can be defined exclusively in the field of glitch art. They are rather collages where I try to take advantage of the error of appearance.

What is your favorite medium?

Without a shadow of a doubt, my favorite medium is the internet. Thanks to the internet I can find lots of information in the shortest possible time, get to know other people and sources of inspiration. The same happens with the books, but in a more slow and cumbersome way. My “eye” was formed thanks to the thousands of images that I see browsing the Internet.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration depends on the type of artwork that I create. In many cases I tend to have a macabre component I guess I’ve been given involuntarily from movies, comic books and horror that I read since since I was a child. In other cases, I don’t even know where it comes from. Many times I let my eye to guide the work.

What is your creative process?

My creative process doesn’t have a stable foundation. Sometimes I have an idea, and try to recreate it by looking for pictures and all. Other times I accidentally see a photograph and I imagine the work already completed. So I start to work.

Is there a specific theme/message/emotion you aim to evoke?

I am an artist who varies a lot even in the issues. In some cases there are pieces that can only be seen as imperfections, and others use socially strong images to increase its impact. The photograph in itself already exists, I add the details that can possibly make it even stronger than it already is.

What motivates you to continue to create?

What brings me to continue my work is the passion itself for creating them. When I create an artwork I totally immerse myself during those hours, or how long it is the process, and the rest of the world disappears. There are only me and what I want to achieve as a final impact. It is on the one hand a game, on the other hand a kind of “medicine” to escape from my thoughts.

When you encounter creative blocks, what do you do to overcome them?

This is a good question. When I have an artistic block let it flow the time, thinking that sooner or later, there will be something that can give me a new idea to be developed. Unfortunately I do not have an anti lock strategy artistic. I have to rely on patience, something which is rather lacking.

What are your thoughts on the future of art?

The art, as always happened, will evolve. I do not know how, but it will. It will continue to grow, change, mature. Only in the last century there have been immense innovations, I dare not imagine what will be between another hundred. But mine is a positive view about it.

What is something you have had to learn on your own that you would like to pass on to the next Creative?

Without arrogance I dare to say that everything I learned I did it alone, without following tips, and guides. Depending on how I grew up in life I was able to create the things I do. Or maybe I moved them based on experiences. From the most mundane to the most important. In my opinion everyone should feel free to express what they feel. If it’s on a sheet of paper, on a wall, on photoshop; it does not matter.

You have to let go. Do not dwell too much on what would make a person X, or an artist Y. Maybe that’s what I learned: do something without limiting your creative thinking.