Ryan Tomlinson


Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Ryan Tomlinson.
I am a creator, entrepreneur, father, husband, crossfitter, transcendentalist, non-conforming and resilient optimist.
As the President of SKEEmatic Digital- a multi-media creative content shop located in Los Angeles, CA – my team and I work hard to create original content for brands, artists and athletes, with the aim to build and monetize social media communities. We serve a very primal function; since the beginning of man we have made and partook in fire, fuck, fight, hunting of food, story-telling, and the transforming of simple rhythmic beats on a drum into beautiful music.
Essentially we are still doing the same exact things today, just reaching larger audiences all over the globe in real time. At SKEE, the stories we tell are the at the intersection of music, sports, lifestyle, fashion and food. Our business model and ways of monetization are all about aligning the brands who wish to reach and have a dialogue with the same consumers we are reaching. We help them communicate their story in a cool way that our audience can relate to.

What forms of media have influenced you the most?

There are many forms of media that have influenced me, but the number one influencer I would have to say is music. Films also played a crucial role, and moreover in the last few years, I have rekindled my love of and been influenced by reading and audio books. I try to read as much as I can and often several books at a time. I love movies, and music never leaves my side. I have also been really loving twitter this last year. It gives me snackable content thats easy to digest and scroll through.

What hardware / software do you use?

I have a MacBook Pro and Iphone 5s. I love iBooks, Audible, SoundCloud, Google, YouTube and DASH Radio.

What would be your dream creative setup?

My favorite environment varies accordingly with my current goal. Sometimes I like getting amped on a good cup of bulletproof coffee in a slightly noisy spot- this somehow helps me zero in on a thought or focus amidst the chaos. Other times, I need to zone out in silence. I also love to take long walks while talking out ideas in my head.
I hate to sound cliche and never would advocate for reckless drug use, but when treated with respect and moderation, marijuana helps me reflect and tune in to certain creative frequencies. When responsibly used in a controlled environment, it can be a great tool for productivity and creativity. I highly recommend knowing when to use it for creativity and when to refrain from it for the sake of firm execution. Not to go on a diatribe but IMO, not knowing that difference is the common mistake.
Founder of VNM USA an advertising agency focused on connecting brands and individuals to the millennial generation. Computer Science student at University of Wisconsin - Madison.