Shannon Teresa Boodram


Who are you, and what do you do?

I am a sex/love expert who specializes in new-media. My anthology, LAID: Young People’s Experiences with Sex in an Easy-Access Culture, sold thousands of copies across North America.

I was the host of MTV Canada’s hit show Losing It: A Sex Ed Special and have appeared as a sexpert for CNN Radio, Fox News, KTLA, ABC, CBC, BET and TLC. Finally I travel with BET’s HIV awareness campaign Rap-it-Up and currently attend The Institute for Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality pursuing my certification as a clinical sexologist. You may know me from my YouTube videos or possibly have seen my photography – which is my co-career.

What forms of media have influenced you the most?


What hardware / software do you use?

Canon 5D Mark III, Fuji Film x100, Photoshop, Lightroom, Nik Collection, Adobe Premier Pro, Word, XL

What would be your dream creative setup?

I have learned through trial and error I need a bright, quiet, comfortable space. Somewhere I can get in the zone. I am easily distracted so if I’m uncomfortable or there are other noises – convos happening around me – I am likely to get off task. I am actually moving work spaces soon and get all white furniture and placed all creative spaces directly against the windows.

Co-Founder at Constructed By. Student at University of Wisconsin - Madison studying Business with a focus in Marketing and Accounting.